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At Torigin Bird Stadium

Tottori has a good atmosphere and good hospitality. Food is delicious. The view from Torigin Bird Stadium is great. But when Yellow players appeared on the pitch, I found the mood changed. The game, the battle has already started in my heart!

No title

JEF seemed to fight against the reality, not play football. I guess they showed only their desire to go to the place where they want to be. In fact their motto of this year is "絶対 J1!" which means to be promoted to J1 definitely. This motto does not tell about playing football. I don't say it's bad. Because they need the vivid words as their goal they want to achieve. But maybe this could be one of big stress for players. These days of the year, players looks exhausted just like having something heavy on their shoulders year after year. Above all, it's the fourth time to attempt to be promoted.
Every year good players came to JEF and tried to help this Yellows but it doesn't work well. In my opinion, they might know the responsibility which was much much heavier than they expected before. Originally JEF were the prestigious club and some people still say JEF should be in J1. And there must be something else I don't know, of course. Even our expectation may bother them?
I often think of JEF's future and what is a sport club? I didn't know it was so hard to support one sport club some years ago. Many people have been supporting this club and Japanese football so far. It's tough, but we're waiting for something good.

JEF v Gamba

It was a great win for JEF. Today they beat Gamba with 3-0 win. They surely knew their real power and potential in them. I think this was a special present from good rival. Blues told Yellows that Chiba must play well and they must be strong. It's wonderful to have good rivals. This is the great joy for athletes who are eager to improve their performance and achieve their goal.

JEF v Yokohama FC

I never forget the playoff was held last year. Today we entertain Blues who Yellows played against them to go to J1 before. I think they're good rivals. Now I believe they know the memories which the days they tried to get the ticket for the place they should be. It's the same to JEF. I believe Today would be a good day. And of course, JEF will win! I'll support our Yellows with full of my power!

#01 0-1 札幌戦

Today I was very excited before the game started but now I remembered one season was very hard. After watching the bitter game for JEF, I was very very disappointed first and I was really exhausted. This is the season in J2. I remember that.

2013, the first work is...

That is to join the supporters meeting on next Wednesday at Chiba City Culture Center.
JEF failed to be promoted to J1 3 times. The last November, I was very disappointed and very sad. Every year I was excited after the supporters meeting because I knew my favorite team earned good players and they had a good plan to go to J1. However our dream did not come true. I don't know whether I'm just happy or not in the first work. But it's one of the important things for me to join the supporters meeting. It's my great pleasure.
Yes. it's just started the game in 2013.

Shonan Bellmare 1-1 JEF / Oct.21 / #39

I'm writing my blog about the football game being held 3 days ago. I watched the game, Shonan v JEF, on TV. After the game, I didn't know what to do and I didn't feel like posting any articles to my blog because I wanted JEF just to win the game.
The game was hard for JEF. It was held at BMW stadium, it meant that many Bellmare's supporters expecting a good result from their favorite team came there. And the Light-green players had a big motivation to go to J1. If Shonan had won this game, they could have placed the good position in J2 table to be promoted to the 1st division automatically. So, their momentum was great.
Therefore it was tough for JEF to cope with that situation. In the 1st half they gave 1 goal to the opponents but an unfortunate thing just happened under difficult situation. In the 2nd half they did well, I think. They seemed never to give up and manage to control the game. 85 minutes, Yuto Sato, JEF's captain, put the ball into the net finally. After that Yellows did not let to get any goals to their rival.
They did their best and finished the match with a 1-1 draw. It was a difficult game for the two teams but it was time that they made a difference. I wanted JEF to get 3 points.
There are 3 games until the end of this season in J2 league. It's only about 2 months to play with these teammates. I hope these teammates to record something good.
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