Maki's way has not been clear yet.

The problem Maki plays in Russian football league is not clear.
In fact, Maki played on a training match today, and scored two goals.

Maki's comment was on a newspaper.
According to the paper, it was just like Maki to say that.
It seems he has a strong attachment to JEF.
He has something special to Yellows.

I hope he can go to a good way.
Are there anything I can do for him and JEF?
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The two matches last weekend

I watched two games last weekend.

One was Kashima-Antlers vs kawasaki-Frontale at Kashima stadium.
Kashima stadium is one of my favorite stadiums.
It is a good stadium because it is big, easy to watch and serve delicious foods.
The match excited me.
Kawasaki were good fighting team despite 10 players (Inamoto was given two yellow cards in the first half and sent off.)
I thought Kawasaki might win the game, but Kashima won over them 2-1.

The other was JEF vs Consadole-Sapporo at Fukuda-Denshi-Arena.
I'm a supporter for JEF, I hoped JEF win.
But my Yellow team lost to Sapporo 0-3.
I was disappointed.The game drew 15,000 people.
Why couldn't they play very well?
The mood became not good in the stadium.
I was very sad.

Next game's opposition is Kashiwa-Reysol.
Kashiwa are good team, they are top of J2.
It must be hard for JEF again this weekend.
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Maki may leave JEF.

"Seiichiro Maki may play in Russian football league."
The news was released on a newspaper this morning.
It made me surprised and sad.
I will miss him if he will leave JEF.

I think he is JEF's heart.
JEF keep trying to be promoted to J1 this season.
When they will achieve the goal, I hope Maki is also JEF's member.

But he has a dream.
Though I can understand him, I cannot decide my opinion whether I should support his challenge or not.
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J league started again

Yesterday J league started again.
I always go to Fukuda-Denshi-Arena whenever JEF's matches are held there.
This weekend, on Sunday, JEF vs Sapporo will be held.
And, this Saturday, my husband and I decided to go to Kashima Stadium, too.
Kashima vs Kawasaki will be held there.
I bought tickets for the match this evening.
I'm looking forward to watching it.
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Happy time to see her

A friend of mine visited my house today.
She was a classmate when we were highschool students.
I was very glad to see her , because I haven't seen her for a long time.
We talked about soccer, daily life and my snapshots took at foreing countries.
She always smiled at me. I could feel very relaxed.
I want to thank her very much.
I hope to see her again.
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To believe in myself

I think there are many words to encourage ourselves.
I introduce the words that Nagatomo says in his weblog. It was also introduced by Mr.Ohkoshi in a yesterday's TV program.


『I believe in myself. I have been trying and running more than anybody else to achieve my dream when it was hard or tough.
It is right for me to continue my training. I believe it.』


To have a confidence is to believe in myself.
I know the time to make an effort well.
Sometimes I'm afraid whether it's OK or NOT,
but I don't lose my way. I think so.

One proverb in Sweden,

We are busy everyday. I sometimes forget that today is a part of my life.
Time is money.
How do I spend own my time?
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