YokohamaFC 1-0 JEF

8 matches from the end of this season.
JEF didn't have to lose today's match.
The situation has been difficult for Yellows.

I want to go to stadiums to watch games as much as I can.
Even if things is hard, I hope that a stadium is full of the color of yellow, clapping and cheering.
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Last weekdend's match, JEF 1-0 Mito Holly-Hock

This morning, my husband found this movie.

It is about the last weekend match, JEF vs Holly-Hock at Fukuari.

The match was hard for JEF. My heart beat was fast, again.
In the 1st half, Yellows played well and scored 1 goal. In the 2nd half, Blues played better than Yellows. I worried about our team might give a goal to opposition.
As a result, Our eleven beat Holly-Hock with difficulty.

I thought that our team just won and the opposition was one of enemies.
I couldn't think anything else besides to win a game.
Because we can't be promoted to J1 if JEF's ranking will not be 3rd on J2.

Every time, I'm afraid of our team.
But this morning I watched this movie, it reminds me that the oppotision I think one of enemies are the same as us.
The movie says in it, "we simply wanted to win the match.".
I can understand its feeling deeply.
This movie let us think that Holly-Hock's supporters love their team deeply, and sympathize as the same football team's supporter.

Dear this movie's editor

Thank you for coming to Fukuari.
I'm glad that you say "Fukuari is a wonderful stadium" and
"JEF-Chiba, You, Go back to J1." in this movie.
Next time, when you come to Fukuari, I hope that each team belong to the top division"J1", too.
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United Park, the First Anniversary

United Park, JEF's facilities was built just one year ago.
Yesterday, a festival was held there to celebrate it.
There were many events. I introduce some of them.
1, Various photos, players on the Fukuari's pitch and a history of the park and so on, were displayed in an exhibition room.
2, Talk show by Imai-san(a football photographer) and Okamoto(JEF #1) and Chano(#33) was held on a stage.
3, We could seach marks on which Yazawa(#16)'s face is printed. It has one Kana on each, All marks are 14 letters. This is an anagram quiz.
4, JEF's goals movie was on air in a meeting room.
5, We saw a fashion show by Kurata(#14),Kamata(#25), Ito(#28),R.Aoki(#31).
Kurata and R.Aoki were coordinators. Kamata and Ito were models, the two were decorated with JEF goods sold for supporters in an official shop.

We joined so many events that we forgot to have lunch.
Around 2.30 p.m., my husband and I ate Jeffy-Yaki that is like Imagawa-Yaki(a traditional Japanese cake).
Then, all members(players, supporters, staffs) had their photo taken by Imai-san.
We all had a fun time at United Park.
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Kyoto SangaFC 0-4 JEF

I was very very Happy!
Neto Baiano scored a hat trick! and Masaki Fukai scored one goal.
And, Our eleven finished the match without giving any goals to opposition.
I'm sure a hope of all people who love JEF was fulfilled.
I think it'll change Yellows' way better.

Today, I watced the game at 12JEF(an official shop).
Probably JEF's staff might record it at Nishi-kyogoku stadium.(I thought that.)
I was glad to be able to watch it a couple of minutes because it was not broadcasted on TV and I couldn't go there.
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Nice trip to TOYAMA (Kataller 0-1 JEF)

Last weekend, My husband and I went to TOYAMA Prefecture to watch a game Kataller vs JEF.

On Saturday, we left for Joetsu City, Niigata Pref.
My husband and I drove about 350km by turns.
On the way, we dropped at Lake Nojiri where is a famous place about fossils of Naumann Elephant(Palaeoloxodon naumanni).
We went to the museum, and saw many fossils.
All fossils were discovered by members of Nojiriko-Tomo-no-Kai(a club of devotees).
Excavating there is done by the general public and specialists.
Anyone apply for the club(there is a large numbers of brunch all over Japan.) can join the excavation.
This is a rare and unique way to excavate in the world.

Then, we went to the Kurohime highlands to see Cosmos garden.
Here is a skiing ground in winter, there are many slopes and lifts.
One of lifts were working, we took it and got off at a little high place.
We could see a nice scene.
blog 101007-1.JPG
We could see Lake Nojiri over there.

Next morning, we visited Kasugayama-shrine.
Here is a famous place about Kenshin Uesugi.
blog 101007-2.JPG
There were few people because of early morning.
The atmosphere was silent around us.

And then, we went to Toyama Athletic Recreation Park.
blog 101007-3.JPG

JEF won the game, and got 3 points at away.
Our team had not won matches at away for a long time.
At last Yellows won a game at away, I felt like crying with joy. I was really happy.
There are some problems in team, but to win is the most important thing for us now.

Kota Aoki scored every match for these games.
He is great. It seems he can imagine to succeed in scoring a point.
Yazawa, either.
In this match, he couldn't score, but he always aims to be a scorer.
That day was his 26th birthday. I wanted to see him performing a goal celebration.
After game, he was celebrated from his teammates and supporters for his birthday.
We had a happy time.

I hope Yellows to win at both home and away.
This weekend(tomorrow), the Emperor's cup is held at Nishi-Kyogoku stadium in Kyoto Pref.
The opposition is Kyoto Sanga-FC.
That is a team playing on J1, but they are the bottom of J1.
JEF should win the match.
Next game is not a jeague game, but JEF must beat such a opposition.
Because our team will be on the first stage "J1" next year.
I want Our Eleven to gain confidence to be promoted to J1.
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