I shouted in the storm!! JEF 3-2 Oita-Trinita

 The match, JEF vs Oita-Trinita was held at home, Fukuari, yesterday. After the first half, I hoped our Yellows to change their mode. They gave Blues 2 scores. This was their first time to give opposition 2 scores in this season. "Don't please let me down anymore." I thought. There were many games that Trinita could not beat JEF before, but nobody knows JEF will beat Trinita again. Of course, I think so.
 In the second half, our team tried their best to get a score, at first. I believed that JEF were able to keep their strength. At 68 minutes, Akira Takeuchi scored a goal! He got successive scores in these matches. His performance pleased Yellow supporters, the mood in Fukudadenshi-Arena gradually began to be better. At 73 minutes, Masaki Fukai equalized by his superb middle-range shot. This was selected as the best goal of J2 in "JAGS",TV program. At 82 minutes, that man put it in the back of the net again!! JEF's DF, Akira Takeuchi. The newcomer from Nagoya-Grampus succeeded in having good records. JEF came from behind for victory at last.
 It was rainy and windy day, yesterday. Some supporters wore poncho, others got dripping wet. In that situation, all Yellow supporters took a great joy. I also shouted with joyful. Even if it's tough for JEF to control a game, they can change a bad game into a good game.
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Roasso 1-1 JEF, Our team added 1 point.

 Yesterday, JEF played an away game, at Kumamoto Pref.. JEF had won 3 successive victories so far, I hoped them to beat opposition, Roasso Kumamoto, and win 4 successive ones. I cheered them watching on TV at my house.
 In the early first half, Akira Takeuchi, JEF DF, got a score by his volley shot from a superb throw-in by Milligan. He scored not only at the last game but at this one! I hoped him to get scores more and more from now on. It's very good that many JEF players can score. I guessed that it would bother opposition to control a game.
 But the around middle of 1st half, Roasso equalized the game from JEF's mistake. I was disappointed deeply. I expected that JEF would win this match definitely and give Roasso no scores. I was excited too much, "Please stay calm." said my husband to me.
 After all, both teams got no scores anymore, the match ended in a draw 1-1. I was too excited to think about the match. Probably I guess our Yellows were able to stay calm and control the game. So they got 1 point at way. On the other hand it may need for me to make my head cool.
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JEF, J2 leaders!

 JEF beat Fagiano-Okayama 2-1 at Our home ,Fukuari. Before the match, I was afraid that it would be difficult to control a game for JEF. Because today's match was the 6th game since J league restarted, I guessed all J players got tired. FC-Tochigi were defeat at last since this season started. This time it was an opportunity for JEF to be J2 leaders. While I was worried about Yellows' condition, I expected them to show us a good performance.
 But a not good thing happened to us in the early first half. Our players gave a goal to opposition. At the moment, I was disappointed to see that and I was sure that our players got tired. But I hoped them to score and equalize until the half time. Then an opportunity to equalize had come to JEF. Stoyanov, Okayama DF, left the field due to handball in the box, Fukai scored from the spot.
 Yellows' performances became better than the first half, but Red-purples' performances were also good in spite of 10 players. But our eleven did their best and got 3 points at the end of the game again! Before they came from behind for victory, I thought it might be a really tough game for JEF and might be a draw game. But Akira Takeuchi showed us This is Yellows' power. and inspired me by playing The game is not over yet. He got a score by header and that was his first score in his professional carrier.
 JEF will become a strong team more. JEF player will keep running to their goal definitely.
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an Amazing game

 Today's match was an away game at Tottori pre., Gainare v JEF. This match was also hard as usual. I know, in J2 ,most of games are very tough. The reason is that every team try not to lose a game because of a goal to be promoted to J1. I think that games in J2 may be rather fights with enduring, for example, forcing to wait for opportunities, than a game.
 I watched the match on TV, I thought Gainare-Tottori are good team. JEF could have a ball for a long time, but it was hard to score. Gainare eleven concentrated the game very well, they looked calm. In the second half, they made some opportunities to win the game, JEF nearly gave some goals to Greens. But, finally, Koki Yonekura's header led to JEF's victory. The time was almost the end of the game, our Yellows were able to get 3 points.
 My husband and I opened a beer, and had a toast. I think this is a strong team to be able to win a game like this.
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Good Trip in Tokushima and Kagawa

 The next 2 days after watching the match, JEF v Vortis, we enjoyed visiting some places.
 First, we went to some temples which are parts of 88 temples of pilgrimage in Shikoku. We bought some items of Henro and started touring from 1st temple Ryozen-ji. They say, if we tour all temples, it takes about 40 days by walking, people who tour by car, it takes about 10 days. Besides the 2 ways, some people use a bicycle or a bus. We can choose our best way from various ones to tour according to a schedule or our condition and so on. My husband and I toured by car. Almost roads from one temple to next temple are narrow. On the way, we crossed a bridge like this.
blog501 henro.JPG
Though it's hard to drive a car, the scene was very good. For a while, we got off a car and walking around there. After that we visited to 12th temple, Shosan-ji, and finished to tour this time because we have only one day in Tokushima. Next time, we plan to start touring from 13th temple, Dainichi-ji, some day.
 Next day we enjoyed eating Udon in Kagawa. First we went to a restaurant "Yamada-ya" near Yakuri-ji. I knew this restaurant by Suiyou-Doudesyou, a variety program on TV. So when I saw the sign, I was very excited.
There I ate Bukkake-Udon that is a simple Udon. a Very good taste. There were many many visitors in this restaurant.
 Next, we went to a noodle-making factory, Anabuki-Seimenjo. This is not a restaurant, but workers serve udon to visitors. It has a very small eating space an inside space, some visitors eat it at an outdoor space. My husband and I ate udon at an outside table near a parking.
 This is a small potion, 130yen.
It tasted very good! and I enjoyed it very much. We have some Sanuki-udon restaurants in Chiba, too, but we cannot experience like this in my town. If I have an opportunity to go to Kagawa next time, I want to eat udon at a noodle-making factory again.
 Then, we began a trip back home. On the way, we were delayed by a traffic jam, it took 12 hours by car. Though my husband and I drove a car by turns, we were very very tired. But we enjoyed very much.
This is Akashi-Kaikyo bridge, or Akashi Straits Bridge in English.
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JEF could add 3points.

 Our team started the game, JEF vs Ehime-FC, without Aaroy as same as last match. He entered as substitution in this match. It's also important that JEF players can control a game without him in the competitive match like this. Aaroy is not only tall but has power and skill. This season it's a strong point for JEF that he is our member. But that is one of choices to control a game.
 Last match they played without Aaroy, they couldn't get 3points though they run well. but I guess they learned a lot from this one. It's very important to find out some problems like this in a beginning of this season and improve them. Of course, it's the most unpleasant thing for them to be said,"Yellows are the Tall man's team".
 In yesterday's match, Daisuke Ito put his side ahead by a great free-kick, that is his the first score in J-league. But at the beginning of second half, Oranges evened a score by Sekine's beautiful goal. It isn't easy to control a game for Yellows in this match, too. However, around the end of the game, Masaki Fukai got a winning goal. Our team could get 3points.
 I'm worried about that Kota Aoki might not be able to play well. I think he can be a good player. These games, It seems that he cannot play like he imagines. I'm sure that he can find his way. But he injured his left leg. I hope that he recovers his one and stands on the pitch again.
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JEF, no points at POCARI SWEAT Stadium again.

I think JEF ran very well. Though they made some opportunities to score, they couldn't lead to Yellows' victory. I want them to show their power more which isn't same as last year

But we'll have next game at Fukuari 3days after.
I hope them to get 3points at "home".
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