MURODO at Tateyama

I'm at Tateyama in Toyama pref..
It's rainy and foggy day, today. But it became clear a little for a while, I took a walk with my husband for an hour.

JEF 2-0 Consadole-Sapporo

 This game was good. They could get scores more. Final score, JEF two, Consadole nil. I wanted Yonekura, Hayashi and Aaroy to score. I thought it was a good opportunity to earn some goals.
 In this game, Shinji Murai performed very well. He played as a defensive midfielder for the first time in his professional carrier. It looked good for JEF. He seemed to stay calm and control the game. Above all, he opened the scoring by his middle-range shot at the end of the 1st half. This game was controlled by JEF from the beginning. Before Murai's goal, our Yellows were not able to get any scores, I thought it might be good for Consadole because their GK was able to keep a clean sheet in spite of JEF's game. Therefore, it was very good to take the lead for JEF before the 2nd half. They gave opposition some damages.
 In the 2nd half, Takeuchi doubled the lead for JEF in the 59th minute. While Consadole made some chances to get a score, JEF dominated possession and controlled the game perfectly.
 After 3 matches, on August 17, JEF will face Consadole again at Sapporo Dome. Red-and-Blacks must revenge this defeat. I want JEF to beat them definitely. Our Yellows ought to learn from the match, against Bellmare.

Nadeshiko Japan, the Champions of Women's World Cup

Yesterday, our Heroines came back to Japan. They are Japanese International ladies football team "Nadeshiko Japan" and also Champions of Women's World Cup! Many Japanese people saw the final in the early morning on Monday and I did, too. American were very good team, and Japanese came from behind twice and tried to cope with this hard game very well. The champions were depended on the shootout. I guess that this is very tough because players performed for 120 minutes and their legs were very tired. If I were a player, I would not be able to kick the ball perfectly because my knees shook by getting more and more tired and tense. However, Japanese overcame their difficulties and won this very important competition, at last they got champions' trophy of Women's World Cup in their hands. This news gave us hope and joy ,and made us happy. They are right graceful and cool Japanese women, "Yamato-Nadeshiko".

Shonan-Bellmare 2-0 JEF

 I went to Hiratsuka Stadium to watch the game, Bellmare vs JEF, with my husband. This game was not good. I was very disappointed to watch this match. JEF were not able to control the game very well. Above all, In the 1st half they conceded two scores to the opposition. I wished our Yellow eleven to change opposition's game into a JEF's game before the final whistle was blown. But the game was over without getting any scores. And then, FC-Tokyo became J2 leaders. I thought that today's game was an opportunity for JEF to leave some high ranked opposition teams away behind. JEF sometimes cannot do so.
 All I can do is to boost our team and go to the stadium. My husband suggested me to go to Nagaragawa Stadium on August 13.

JEF 1-1 Roasso-Kumamoto

 The end of the rainy season was announced yesterday. It was a beautiful day, beer tasted very good. I went to Fukuda-denshi-arena to watch the match, JEF vs Roasso-Kumamoto, with my husband.
 On May 21, JEF once played against Roasso at Kumamoto Pref. as the away game. The game drew 1-1. So, yesterday's match I hoped our Yellows to defeat Reds definitely. But Kumamoto were good team, in the early of the 1st half Reds' striker Nagasawa got an opener. They coped with Aaroy very well. I think our Yellows knew that every opposition analyzed Aaroy more and more. Therefore the scene would happen like this. Last match, our team were not able to keep the clean sheet. In this match JEF's GK, Masahiro Okamoto, didnt want to allow any goals as he said that in the JEF 's mobile site.
 After the opener by Nagasawa, JEF leveled by Akira Takeuchi who was JEF's DF. But JEF vs Kumamoto drew 1-1, again. I thought this match was good for Kumamoto in spite of 10 members after Katayama ,Roasso's MF, got 2 yellow cards and sent off. This season I heard that Kumamoto were good at defending in the game. That meant this situation was convenient for them. Therefore it was a tough game for JEF to beat opposition. I thought Roasso coped with JEF's offense very well. JEF's players tried to get scores and made some opportunities again and again, but they could not make it.
 Not losing the game was good for JEF, but it was a game for Roasso. I was disappointed a little.

Kataller-Toyama 1-2 JEF

 Yesterday's match, Kataller-Toyama vs JEF, was held at Toyama Athletic Recreation Park. JEF beat Toyama 2-1. Masaki Fukai got a score from the left side by his superb middle-range shot. His condition looks very good. He always gets a score at games recently. And Aaroy also got a score by his header. It's been a while to see his header since the match against Tokyo-FC on April 24th. I was glad to see his great performance.
 They defended their position in J2, that is, leaders. The next game is held at our home, "Fukuari" against Roasso-Kumamoto. Against Kumamoto, JEF did not beat them on May. I hope JEF to defeat them definitely.
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Before today's match, I went to a KARAOKE BOX with my husband. He sang "OVER" which is a song for JEF. It excited us very much. Now, we're watching the game "Toyama vs JEF" at home. Go! JEF!!
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JEF 2-0 Shonan-Bellmare

 Wednesday night, the match, JEF vs Shonan-Bellmare, was held at Fukuari. Originally it was scheduled on March 13th there. But the great Tohoku Earthquake occurred on March 11th, the date of this match was changed to June 29th.
 In spite of weekday's night, 9,228 people came to watch this game to the stadium. Many office workers wearing white business shirt were there. It was a muggy day, but some of them layered team's shirt over a business shirt.
 Shonan looked no good. They had played 3 successive away games, their condition looked down recently. On the other hand, JEF had not gotten 3 points these games. I thought that JEF have to got 3 points.
 As seeing from stand, I thought that the game was good for JEF. At 38 min., Masaki Fukai scored an opener by smashing the ball which was once shotten by Koki Yonekura and then deflected by Yohei Nishibe, Bellmare's GK. JEF were able to take a lead and they showed a good performance to double the lead and to keep a clean sheet. At 57 min., they succeeded in going two-nil up! It was our captain, Yuto Sato. That scene surprised me. Their combination were great. After the game, Yuto said, "I asked Kubo to leave the ball because I shot it." I made sure the scene by VCR at home after the game, I found that they coped with the complicated situation for a very short time. That scene really excited all of audience at Fukuari, I thought.
 Final score: JEF two, Bellmare nil. JEF succeeded in regaining the Leaders in J2. But points are very close between several high-ranking teams, these teams try to be the top of J2. JEF will continue their tough games.
 By the way, midweek's match is hard for players, but for us, it's very happy. From around lunch time, it begins exciting us in spite of a weekday.
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