Visiting Kyoto and Shikoku Island. 1

 I went to Kyoto and Shikoku Island from August 27 to September 1 with my husband. First, we arrived at Kyoto Pref. to watch the football game, Kyoto Sanga FC vs JEF at Nishikyogoku Athletic Stadium. When we passed through Kyoto Minami IC, it started raining. But it stopped soon. I wished not to rain at the stadium. However, the heavy rain came. We watched the game getting wet with rain.
 JEF lost the game 1-2. They were not able to control the game and they made a mistake like they lost their confidences. I wished them to overcome their difficulties. After this game, Takenori Hayashi was crying. All players of JEF wanted to beat Kyoto.
 There are some factors that JEF cannot control games in these days. JEF will cope with them definitely. All I have to do is to support this team, understand them and go to stadiums wearing our Yellow shirt.

The next day, we started traveling the pilgrimage of Shikoku from #13 Dainichi-ji.
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