JEF transfer information as of January 24

During the football off-season, we know some announcements from our own favorite team, one of them is a transfer information. When we get the news, they make us happy or sad.

Today, JEF announced that Takayuki Chano decided to retire from professional football. His career was for 17 years. I was always happy to see his performance on the pitch because he showed us good play as a veteran. And also, he is a good character, we knew about him popular among teammates. Informed of his retirement, I'm sad not to see his play, but I want to thank him very much.

And now, I note JEF's transfer information so far.


Kazuki Oiwa (Chuo University)
Eijiro Takeda (Yokohama F Marinos, loan)
Akira Takeuchi (loan→a permanent deal)
Satoshi Yamaguchi (Gamba Osaka)

Yamato Machida (Senshu University)
Kentaro Sato (Montedio Yamagata)
Akihiro Hyodo (Reysol, loan)

Yusuke Tanaka (Avispa Fukuoka)
Tomoyuki Arata (Jubilo Iwata, loan)
Yoshihito Fujita (Yokohama FC)

Takayuki Chano (retired)
Yohei Fukumoto (Tokushima Vortis)
Kota Aoki (Ventforet Kofu, loan)
Keisuke Ota (Tokushima Vortis)
Masaki Chugo (Tokyo Verdy)
Shinji Murai (Oita Trinita)
Tsukasa Masuyama (Matsumoto Yamaga, loan)
Hideo Oshima (Albirex Niigata, loan expired)
Matthew Lam (FC Edmonton, loan expired)
Toshiya Fujita (released)
Sander Van Gessel (released)
Takenori Hayashi (released)

I'm not sure about an information of Mark Daniel Milligan, but there are not his name on the list of JEF.

The other day, I knew that Milligy went back to his home country and played at Melbourne on loan.
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Roads and houses are covered with snow! It looks the different world with snow around my house. Maybe, it snowed about 5 centimeters deep during one night. Will it melt around noon? Anyway, I must be careful of driving. I guess it's no problem because tires was replaced the winter ones.
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ちばぎんカップ Chiba-Bank Cup 2012

The 18th Chiba-bank Cup, JEF United vs Kashiwa Reysol, is held at Fukuda Denshi Arena on Sunday, February 26, the official website of JEF announced. I'm sure this news makes the both of two Yellow supporters happy. The new season has come!

Sunday, February 26, 2012
Chiba-bank Cup
(the pre-season competition)
JEF United Ichihara Chiba vs Kashiwa Reysol
at Fukuda Denshi Arena
kick off 14:00

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"書" of the day #7 [百花開] [Calligraphy]

I did the first calligraphy of the year. I wrote "百花開". When I do calligraphy, I use a textbook and copy the words from it. There are some models in it and I chose this word "百花開". For the first time I saw the word, I thought this was the fit word for me to write as the first calligraphy of the year because it was good to blossom for everything like cherry blossom. Now, I found out the meaning of this word on the Internet. They say, this word comes from Zen "禅". "百花開" is a part of a sentence of 百花開誰為 or 百花春至為誰開. The both meanings are almost the same. "Why do flowers come out? For people? No. They bloom simply. They are living cheerfully. They please and make us happy but they are never arrogant. They tell us that the life is wonderful." Today I knew the great word.
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