JEF 0-1 Kashiwa Reysol -Chiba Bank Cup 2012-

It's been a while to write an article, but I can't help doing it. Because I'm really excited to watch the game, that is Chiba Bank Cup.
When I arrived at Fukuari, it reminded me of the mood which made me excited. Many people were at the stadium, some of them were practicing the chants for our team and others were standing in line for food in front of the shops. I found that everyone were excited and waiting for the wonderful time. We have the season-off in winter so I was not fine because I didn't have something hot. I've forgotten the mood that I loved.
Spring has come. Although the result of the match was not good for JEF, we enjoyed to watch the game in the stadium. Our Yellows were not bad,I thought. In the 1st half, they made some good opportunities (they didn't get goals, though). And the 2nd half, After Kashiwa took a lead by Kudo, it was a little bit difficult for JEF to control the game and I was afraid of them. But they recovered their performances again and made many good opportunities. After all, JEF was defeated by the Northern Yellows of Chiba 0-1, but their performances made me excited (To be honest, I wanted them to win the game, though). I believe them to win games in this season!!
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Chiba Bank Cup -the half time-

Now,the half time is.
Many many people came to FUKUARI. It's almost packed stadium. The score is 0-0.
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Today is the time, Chiba Bank Cup,I'm looking forward to watching it.
There're long lines of people in front of food shops.
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