Shonan Bellmare 1-1 JEF / Oct.21 / #39

I'm writing my blog about the football game being held 3 days ago. I watched the game, Shonan v JEF, on TV. After the game, I didn't know what to do and I didn't feel like posting any articles to my blog because I wanted JEF just to win the game.
The game was hard for JEF. It was held at BMW stadium, it meant that many Bellmare's supporters expecting a good result from their favorite team came there. And the Light-green players had a big motivation to go to J1. If Shonan had won this game, they could have placed the good position in J2 table to be promoted to the 1st division automatically. So, their momentum was great.
Therefore it was tough for JEF to cope with that situation. In the 1st half they gave 1 goal to the opponents but an unfortunate thing just happened under difficult situation. In the 2nd half they did well, I think. They seemed never to give up and manage to control the game. 85 minutes, Yuto Sato, JEF's captain, put the ball into the net finally. After that Yellows did not let to get any goals to their rival.
They did their best and finished the match with a 1-1 draw. It was a difficult game for the two teams but it was time that they made a difference. I wanted JEF to get 3 points.
There are 3 games until the end of this season in J2 league. It's only about 2 months to play with these teammates. I hope these teammates to record something good.

JEF 1-2 Oita Trinita / Oct.14 / #38

It was not a bad game but I'm very disappointed. I think that JEF should have scored at least 2 goals in the 1st half. And the 2nd half, they could have kept a clean sheet. Anyway I believed they could get goals after giving 2 ones to Blues, Yellows seemed to manage to control the game. Since it was the early time that Morishima scored twice; 56' & 66', JEF had plenty of time to recover to a draw or a lead again. In fact, they ran very well and often threatened the opponent. However JEF gave 3 points to one of rivals and could get no points.
Today JEF failed to build 3 points but we will think of only winning games. What should we do to make our dream come true?

Ventforet Kofu, Congratulations!

Happy Birthday, United Park!

Yesterday I went to United Park, club office and practice fields of JEF UNITED, to celebrate 3rd anniversary. Many supporters came and enjoyed it. Some uniforms from the past were exhibited and photos taken players were decorated on the wall. We enjoyed those photos to do a popularity vote, too. Some players entertained us with a story in spite of being busy. And also it was very fun that TV show "Win By All!" was recorded in front of public audience. Besides events I enjoyed, there were other ones such as quizzes and supporters had a good time. It was good to celebrate United Park's birthday.
Thank you for your hospitality.
May the coming days be full of happiness for JEF and the people who love JEF UNITED.

"書" of the day #10 [仁何住彼律御] [Calligraphy]

blog 121008.JPG
It's been a while to do calligraphy. Maybe I did the last practice on May.
Today I learned how to write 2 patterns of kanji. I practiced each 3 letters which have the same pattern on the left side. It was difficult for me to write 6 letters on a piece of paper. Every word is not the same size and the layout is not good. I'll try it again. Anyway, India ink smells good.

JEF 2-0 Thespa Kusatsu / Oct. 7 / #37

It was a good game. All of JEF players ran and controlled the game. In many scenes, Yellows won against Dark blue and Yellows, I thought.
Shunki Takahashi and Keiji Watanabe were running up toward the front. Their runs made us excited very well. Yazawa's performance was great. He penetrated into the opponent area many times and produced good chances. His play looks unique but he seems to have a strong will. He was involved with the first score of this game. What I want to say is not only this. Players who should score are ready now. Arata who was one of JEF's strikers got a goal. Recently he got scores every game. His performance is getting better definitely. And also Yusuke Tanaka got a goal which was the second score of this game. JEF have some strikers. Until recently Fujita got many goals but he hasn't been able to appear because of his injury. That was a big loss to the team but other players got the place where they got an opportunity to appear and record. Of course I want Fujita to become better and come back. But it's not bad there is a battle to get the place each other in the team.
We have 5 games until the end of this season. The team winning more will be promoted to J1. It's essential for every players to be eager to win all the time. A battle, it's not only among J2 but also among teammates in the team. And also it's not at the moment of scoring nor only in a game for 90 minutes.