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JEF seemed to fight against the reality, not play football. I guess they showed only their desire to go to the place where they want to be. In fact their motto of this year is "絶対 J1!" which means to be promoted to J1 definitely. This motto does not tell about playing football. I don't say it's bad. Because they need the vivid words as their goal they want to achieve. But maybe this could be one of big stress for players. These days of the year, players looks exhausted just like having something heavy on their shoulders year after year. Above all, it's the fourth time to attempt to be promoted.
Every year good players came to JEF and tried to help this Yellows but it doesn't work well. In my opinion, they might know the responsibility which was much much heavier than they expected before. Originally JEF were the prestigious club and some people still say JEF should be in J1. And there must be something else I don't know, of course. Even our expectation may bother them?
I often think of JEF's future and what is a sport club? I didn't know it was so hard to support one sport club some years ago. Many people have been supporting this club and Japanese football so far. It's tough, but we're waiting for something good.
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