Bonds of friendship - Kitajima&Minami -

I just happened to find weblog written by Yuta Minami, Roasso Kumamoto GK.
He wrote a story about his best friend Kitajima who is Kashiwa FW.
It moved me deeply.

They have been friends for about fifteen years.
Minami always talked with Kitajima about his worries.
He also informed Kitajima the most important thing for him first.
In long and various situations for professionalist at each other, Kitajima is a sworn friend inspiring him.

In other hand, Kitajima had been suffering from injury, but he worked hard and improved his performance.
Then, he took an opportunity of starting place, and scored.

Minami watcted a game Kitajima was playing, and swore to himself.
"I try to do my best more and more. I just want to win the game without thinking about anything else"

I had not known about their relation between Minami and Kitajima at all until I read Minami's weblog.
They were teammates before, but now they belong to respective teams.
They encourage each other and develop their skill by doing their best on their own pitch.

I think there is something special between Minami and Kitajima.
Besides that, it reminds me of an important thing.
I always see the scene that players are shaking hands with oppositon players before and after game.
Players appreciate good performance each other.

To win the game, to be promoted to J1 are very important for me.
But there is more precious thing on the pitch, too. I have forgotten that.

Minami's weblog
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JEF 2-1 Tochigi SC

Kota Aoki ,JEF's striker, scored two!!

Our team still looks not to be able to work each other well.
But Forwards should always find opportunities to lead to 3points.
I want them to score and try to break a record more!

I decided to go to TOYAMA this weekend.
I made a resavation at a hotel, I have to buy tickets for the match.

JEF-tama-12 Returns the TV program for JEF's supporters on September 19th on air, MC Chiko asked Kohei Kudo what supporters can do for club.
Kohei said, "Mm...Well...Many supporters come to a stadium to watch our game, and encourage us even if a match is held at far away. They cheer louder than opposition team's supporters. I'm glad that and I hope them to do it as usual. On the contrary, we must work harder and harder, and win the games ahead. Then we want to joy with everybody when we decide to be promoted to J1. Our goal is the promotion to J1. We try to prepare to do so."

I think what we can do are to go to FUKUARI and away stadiums as much as we can, we wear yellow clothes, we cheer our Eleven.
That's it. Supporters just go to stadiums and do only that.
Because that's our pleasure.
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JEF 2-3 Reysol

JEF couldn't also win the game that they must do this week.
They worked very hard, but their hope were not fulfilled.
Teamwork was not good. They couldn't hit each other.

After the game, I felt exhausted.
The way has been long to the stage of J1 that we must be promoted.
But we don't know what happen.
Tomorrow never knows.

Kashiwa Reysol were very strong.
I like that team. They are good rivals for JEF.
I hope that two of teams to be promoted to the stage of J1 together.
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This summer in Maldives -2-

Besides snorkeling, we enjoyed some activities.
I tried to caone. The canoe we borrowed was a tandem canoe.
When we entered sea first, I was afraid that I thought the canoe might be overturned.
Waves were a little high, I couldn't control my body on it.
After a while, I gradually got use to row.
I wanted to be able to do it well, I rowed it harder and harder.
Then, we ended up make a round of the island.
It was difficult for me to do it first, but I enjoyed canoeing.
If I have a chance next time, I want to try it again.

Then, we joined Dolphin cruising.
I always get seasick when I am on a boat, I was worried about this cruising.
But my eyes saw a great scene. The open sea spread before me.
As soon as a group of dolphin appeared near our boat.
One of them jumped and turned! It excited us very much.
When we were enjoying watching dolphin, a tour staff gave us a glass of champagne and food.
What a wonderful pleasure, isn't it!?
I was very surprised and I could have a happy time.
In a beautiful sunset, we were on the boat and watching dolphin.
The relaxing time were flowing around us.

In this holiday, I enjoyed very much.
This year is 10th anniversary of marriage.
Thank you my husband.
Let's go to Maldives, again!
All photos by my husband. Thank you!
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This summer in Maldives -1-

I traveled to Maldives with my husband.
It is second times to go to Maldives in three years, I had looked foward to seeing that blue sea water.
I like southern islands. The colors of sea, beach, plants and sky make me happy.

In this stay, I enjoyed snorkeling.
As soon as I entered sea from beach, I saw a big fish! It looks 70 centimeters long.
I was surprised because I have never seen such a fish when I was snorkeling. I always saw small fishes.
The fish was not big but beautiful. It had clear blue.
My husband saw a cuttlefish. I wanted to see it.

The other day we joined Snorkeling Safari that is a tour to snorkel to a little far place from island by boat.
We went to two places. One is a dropoff, the other is a gentle slope.
At the first place, a dropoff, the sun light was shining toward the deep dark blue.
A lot of very small fishes were swimming just in front of me.
The instructer had me touch a big star fish which she dove and caught. It was interesting.
The second place, a gentle slope, I saw a group of many yellow fishes.
About 50 fishes? Same fishes were swimming and feeding something on coral.
Then there were two anemonefish. This was my first time to saw them when I was snorkeling.
Both of two places made me excite with dinamic scene.
Though we can see interesting things at sea near the beach, Snorkeling Safari was wonderful.
It had us see the wide, deep, colorful world. There are a large number and kind of fish.
Especially, first time when I dive into the sea from the boat, my heart beats fast.
There is very deep, I can't stand. I feel a little fear. So I enjoy trying to dive.

To be conntinued.
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